Kenyon 6X6 Gyro Stabilizer
  • Kenyon Labs are the industry leader in developing this technology. The 6X6 gyro is designed to stabilize a camera rig in 3 axes while being small and low profile. The gyro is used on occasions of high wind when wind protectors are not enough.


Betz Tools WAVE1
  • A magnificent tool designed by Christian Betz in Germany is capable of maintaining the camera's horizon at all times. A bit of a cheat, or a Steadicam operator's best friend?

Photography: Laura T. Magruder


ARRI Artemis Cine/Broadcast
  • Up to 70lb of Camera Payload and up to 110lb of total payload.

  • This Sled has enough power for even the hungriest of cameras. It can also provide power to up to 4 P-Tap-enabled accessories.

Photography: Laura T. Magruder


Steadicam - G70X
  • The very best Iso-Elastic arm in the market, it can carry up to 70lb of total payload with ease.

  • Designed by Garret Brown, the inventor of the Steadicam, this arm and concept has stood the test of time.

Photography: Laura T. Magruder


Preston Follow Focus System
  • Preston has become the Follow Focus system of choice for most Film and Television productions.

  • This system comes with one motor for focus, but can be expanded to three motors if needed. 

Photography: Laura T. Magruder