Christian Ramirez-Coll, Steadicam
Christian Ramirez-Coll, Camera

Photography: Scott Kinkade

Christian Ramirez-Coll, Steadicam

Christian Ramírez-Coll

ICG600, Local to Puerto Rico

My career in the production industry started 14 years ago in a television station in Philadelphia. I began as a grip and lighting technician, following a natural progression to video assistant, and finally camera operator/editor. After gaining an invaluable amount of knowledge and experience, I decided to follow my true passion, and work as a Camera/Steadicam operator in Atlanta.

My journey covered several states, continents, and Caribbean islands until I settled back into my birthplace, Puerto Rico. Working on productions big and small such as Midnight in the Switchgrass and El Cuartito my desire and energy to do what I love never waivers. I invite you to call some of my references and ask them about me, what I can bring to a production as an operator, as well as a person. And once on set I am sure my work ethic, positivity, and love for the craft of moviemaking, will reassure you that you have made the right decision. 


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2021 - Trap (Episodic): A-Camera/Steadicam Operator

2021 - The Coven (Film): Steadicam Operator

2021 - Midnight in the Switchgrass (Film): B-Camera/Steadicam Op.

2021 - El Cuartito (Film): B-Camera/Steadicam Operator

2020 - The Swing of Things (Film): B-Camera/Steadicam Operator

2020 - Tulsa (Film) Steadicam Operator

2019 - Deathless (Short Film): B-Camera/Steadicam Operator

2019 - NUC - IBC (Commercial): A-Camera/Steadicam Operator

2019 - Catching Up (Film): Steadicam Operator

2018 - La Maravilla (Film): Steadicam Operator

2018 - Boldly Bearcat (Commercial): Steadicam Operator


Camera: Denton Adkinson -

Camera: Michael Zolomij -

Camera: Sonnel Velazquez -

Production: Federico Torres -

Production: Kevin Welch -

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